MK Mcgoldrick

small batch handmade in oakland, ca



Look for MK tea cookies, cakes, and other yummy treats at these wonderful places below.


ASHA TEA HOUSE - 2086 University Ave. Berkeley, CA+17 Kearny SF,CA

MK Tea Cookies and Cakes are available at Asha Tea House in Berkeley, and now also at their new beautiful shop in San Francisco. You'll find Black Sesame, Matcha, Assam Butter, and Gen Mai Cha Tea Cookies at both locations. Asha is my hands down favorite place to get a perfectly crafted boba milk tea. I'm personally addicted to their jasmine and oolong milk tea, but matcha lovers should check out their beautiful matcha latte.


MODERN COFFEE - Leamington Building, 381 19th St. Oakland CA 94162

This is a great place! I'm really excited to have my Tea Cookies at Modern Coffee. Such a sweet, dedicated group of people making delicious coffee in the heart of downtown Oakland. This month you'll find Earl Grey Tea Cookies + Assam Butter Cookies in easy little two packs to enjoy.

BARTAVELLE CAFE - Coffee & Wine Bar - 1603 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702

 Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar in Berkeley is nestled between Kermit Lynch and Acme Bread. It's a warm little place to sip delicious coffee, eat Suzanne's wonderful food, and share some fancy wine with a friend. Make sure to get some avocado toast, my favorite. You'll sometimes find my syrup in their housemade sodas, and I often do my monthly cake subscription pop-ups here.

I also make syrups using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients for Skylite Snowballs. 

Follow Katie's sweet looking blue truck on twitter and facebook to find out where to get yourself a snowball during the warm months. Or you can rent the truck and have Skylite Snowballs come to your event.

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