MK Mcgoldrick

small batch handmade in oakland, ca




I’m a cook, baker, and maker living in Oakland, California. I like to fill my world with the things I make and share it with others. The kitchen has always been the place where I try to bring people together to create a little magic. I'm inspired by the beauty of life here in California as well as travels to faraway places. It all nudges its way into my ingredients and flavors. I think I'm most happy making something sweet; maybe it's the thrill of indulgence, of creating a moment of wonder and expectation. I hope to bring a little joy and love to the food I make so people can feel that warmth and find a little sustenance. 

Thank you, everybody, loved ones, dear ones, near and far.

p.s. extra thank you to Evan Collisson for the beautiful cookie + cake photos!

xoxo mk